KLW Difference

What’s the KLW difference?

It could be our quick turnaround times. It could be our competitive pricing. It could even be our detail-oriented approach to solve complex appraisal issues. But do you know what all that comes down to? Our people. We’re proud of our talented team of appraisers and consultants.

5 Reasons to Work with KLW Appraisal Group

We’re experienced.

Is your appraisal project too complex? Not for us. From highly complex properties to single family residences–we've completed projects of every size and scale.

We’re on point.

A little peace of mind goes a long way. Our detail-oriented experts are dialed into the industry’s best, most trusted appraisal resources. What’s more, we’re proud to abide by the strict standards set forth by The Appraisal Foundation and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the Appraisal Institute, and the International Association of Assessment Officials (IAAO).

We’re impartial.

As independent participants in the appraisal process, we approach even the most difficult assignments without any bias.

We’re proactive.

What’s happening in the real estate valuation industry right now? We utilize the latest techniques and best practices to meet valuation standards, ensure accuracy, and provide a reliable, supported, and defendable valuation.

We’re efficient.

High-quality reports? Timely delivery? Check and check. With an experienced and accessible staff—regardless of the complexity of the assignment—we provide quality, accurate appraisals in a reasonable time.

The KLW Appraisal Process

Do preliminary research.

We’ll compare precursory research on the property to identify the appraisal problem, it's intended use and users of the appraisal, in order to determine the appropriate methodology to develop a credible opinion of value.

Dig into the details.

We’ll talk to you (and all relevant parties, as necessary) to find the facts and define the purpose of your real estate appraisal or valuation.

See what you’ve got.

Where is your property located? Our independent appraiser will visit the site in question to see what you’re working with and ask questions in order to prepare the most accurate report.

Analyze the data and estimate the value.

We’ll perform a thorough analysis of the property or assets and measure it against the most current market data to come up with an unbiased, impartial valuation.

Deliver the report.

With a complete report of our conclusions, you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions moving forward.